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Great Start Program 
(Training for Parents and Their Students who desire to continue their education after High School)

(Six One Hour Sessions)

Topics Include:
- Positioning Yourself and God’s Plan for Your Life
- What You “Can” Do Now
- Financing College: God’s Provision and Knowing Your Options
- Understanding Your Gifts, Skills, and Attributes
- Major Selection




Executive Fresh Start Training Program

(Six One Hour Sessions)

Topics Include:
- The “Why” Behind Changing Position
- Professional Career Assessment and Your Next Role
- Resume Review and LinkedIn Best Practices
- Interview Mindset and Godly Discernment
- Prayerfully Targeting Your Next Opportunity



Executive Performance and Growth Training Program

(Six One Hour Sessions)

Topics Include:
- Your Career and God’s Call to Fruitfulness
- Identifying Ruts and What Stops You
- Understanding Who You Are, Your Calling, and Becoming Fruitful
- Working Unto The Lord: The Keys to Promotion
- Spirit Led Goals
- Sheep versus Goat Thinking: The Mindset for Godly Success



Damage Control: Believers Guide to Handling Accusations at Work

(Six One Hour Sessions)

Topics Include:

- Stay Calm, Stay Godly, and Stay Professional

- God’s Truth and Protecting Your Name

- Who to Trust During a Season of Damage Control

- Forgiveness Versus Revenge

Ala Cart Options

Staying Focused and Gaining Momentum

Follow-up of Great Start Program $100 a Session (One Hour Session)

Resume Review

Resume Review and Critique $250 (One Hour Session)

Interview Preparation 

Roleplay and Preparation for Upcoming Interview $75 a Session (Half Hour Session)

Executive Performance and Growth Follow-Up

Please Contact for More Information

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